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CONTOUR PLUS BLUE Diabetes Machine

CONTOUR PLUS BLUE Diabetes Machine

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Blood glucose monitoring system designed to help manage diabetes with ease and confidence

  • Ready to test straight out of the box
  • Stores most recent 800 test results
  • Small sample size (0.6 µl) with easy Sip-In Sampling
  • Easy to understand smartCOLOUR™ target indicator range
  • Connects to the free CONTOUR®DIABETES app

Technical Specifications

Data management via app?

Yes, the CONTOUR®DIABETES App for Android from 5.0 & iOS from 12.0

For a list of compatible operating systems please visit:

Cable download port?


Memory size

Stores most recent 800 test results

Countdown time

5 seconds

How to use:

Step 1: Insert test strip into the meter to turn it on


Is ready to use out of the box

Step 2: Apply blood

Second-Chance® sampling:

Allows the application of more blood to the same strip within 30 seconds

Step 3: Results on a large and easy-to-read display

The smartCOLOURTM feature:

Clearly shows if blood glucose reading is above, within or below target range

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